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about us

Intrattenimento per la famiglia
Presents Addio al nubilato
Expecting Couple
Cena di famiglia

SpiedLife is the international docu-Reality platform that shows the real-life of people in their different world countries, 24/7 LIVE.

Real-life stories of people with different customs, cultures, social positions, and languages, are shown without cameramen, authors, and directors.


The place where every real story becomes an exciting story and immediately finds a huge audience ready to welcome it, follow it, and interact with it.


The docu-Reality where only those who are authentic and natural conquer the heart of the audience.


how it works

LIVE always

with our kit, consisting of at least 2 small mobile cameras positioned in your home, you can show live and uninterrupted the part of a life lived inside your home.

with your Audience

always stay in touch with your Audience through chat and interact with Fans or Haters by measuring your approval rating, but only you can decide whether to interact with them.

no changes

Live your docu-Reality in total freedom, keeping your job and social life without changes to rhythms or habits. If necessary, turn off the cameras for short periods and take your privacy back.

LIVE whenever

with your smartphone, action cam, or drone, which can be activated whenever you want, you can show part of your life lived outside your home, during travel, leisure, work, and social life.

respect and decency

a unique stage on which to showcase your real-life without restrictions, being only mindful not to show scenes of nudity, sex, or violence, which are strictly forbidden. 

no cost

you can receive our audio/video kit necessary for shooting inside your home on free loan, and you can use it for free for the duration of your docu-Reality.

LIVE wherever

no matter where you live, you can receive our kit at your home and in any country in the world; you just need to have a standard electrical system and a good internet connection at your disposal.

natural and authentic

don't spend your time creating ad hoc content. SpiedLife Audiences don't expect to see a show, but they just want to watch and browse your real life.

no constraints

participate peacefully, without ever feeling trapped, and if your stay in the format becomes an unbearable burden, you can stop whenever you want with a simple ten-day notice.

who can apply

If you have a busy, intriguing, bizarre or just plain messy life… then you are in the right place!

Are you an established influencer or just starting?

If you too have chosen to hop on the Influencer bandwagon, do not stop sharing your unique content on your social media platforms, but rather increase your online presence by showing your life and creative process LIVE online.

Don’t change your life… Show your life!


the perks

SpiedLife can be a great way of rounding up your salary or could even become your full-time job. The more you involve your Audience in your life, the more perks you will receive.

Direct perks:

100% of the value of donations sent by Users to your PayPal account

50% of the value of credits spent by Users in the dedicated web page of your docu-Reality;

20% of the value of subscriptions sold from the dedicated page of your docu-Reality;

A fraction taken from 25% of the value of subscriptions sold from the pages of all the docu-Realities, equivalent to % of the audience obtained by your docu-Reality;

Other benefits:

The excellent visibility given by the massive audience of international origin will facilitate you to new job opportunities on a global scale.


You can also increase your earnings by attracting the attention of brands interested in promoting their products. No longer just on posts and stories of social profiles, but showing them as they are used or consumed naturally in your daily life, keeping 100% of the revenues for you.

Like in real life everyone is the maker of their own destiny, so on SpiedLife, each one is the maker of their own success!


how to participate

Becoming a SpiedLife Protagonist is simple, but it's not for everyone!

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